The Ole Ball Game

Does anybody know what city this baseball figure or statue is in? Thanks so very much!

by Dave Brandon
(Hattiesburg, Ms.)

Dave asked:It's driving me crazy.

I think I've passed it. Getting older now and memory is slipping.

Rick answered: Dave, thank you for your question.

Looks like a neat sculpture.

Maybe located on the corner of a building somewhere, or possibly a stadium, MLB or Minor League?

Did a Google Search and was unable to locate it. Amazing just how many baseball related sculptures and statues there are in the U.S.

There is a database in the UK which says it has the locations of all sculptures and statues, baseball related, in the U.S. I believe you have to subscribe, or purchase the data base.

Posting this question and response, in the hope that someone out there will see it.

I understand your frustration. You know you have seen it, maybe even walked by it, but you draw a blank.

Hope something comes of the post. If so, please let me know. You have certainly peaked my interest. Will be continuing to look as well.

Yours in baseball,


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