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Do you know Pete Rose's vision measurement? 20/20, 20/10, ?

by Barbara

Pete Rose, third from left

Pete Rose, third from left

Barbara asked: Want to know if Pete Rose had better vision than average.

Rick answered: Barbara, thank you for your question.

I have been unable to locate any references to Pete Roses' vision. I am sure it was at least 20/20, possibly 20/15.

What Pete Rose possessed, that many others do not to the same degree, was the ability to focus in the minute, on one task, see the ball/hit the ball.

He seldom got caught up in all that was going on around him.

The following quote is from the late sports psychologist H.A. Dorfman: "Players often complain to me that the game is complicated. I tell them the game is simple. People are complicated. "Have a plan, relax, see the ball and trust your muscles."

Keep it simple, I tell them. That's the challenge. And this is what every exceptional athlete learns to do. Not always, but usually. Using mental discipline, he applies that "simplistic" information to his game. His consistent behavior leads to constant performance.

Pete Rose was one of the best ever at doing just that.

Additional information on baseball hitting vision.

Mr.Dorfman was a genius at taking the vast amount of knowledge he had and sharing it at a level that all could understand and implement.

Yours in baseball,


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