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Play at the plate

Play at the plate

My 12 year old hit a home run, as he was coming into home the catcher was standing on home plate without the ball.

Is that considered obstruction? My son was sliding in when the pitcher got the ball and my son was called out.

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

I just saw your second description.

As in the one before, if he hit the ball out of the park for the home run, then all the other things don't matter.

There would be no play to be made at home, he would not need to slide, the catcher should be well out of the way.

If the ball was an inside the park home run attempt, your son has every right to slide, if he feels there is going to be a play on him.

Since the catcher was standing on the plate, a runner would certainly think the ball must be close, and would probably slide.

The only one out of line in all this is the catcher, as he cannot position himself on the plate unless he has the ball.

Based on the information, sounds like the umpire may have missed this one.

Yours in baseball,


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