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Can the DH also be the backup catcher?

Anonymous asked: I realize anyone on the team can DH. But if the DH for a certain game is also the backup catcher... and say the catcher is pinch hit for or injured in the middle of the game, can the DH now be put behind the plate, and a bench player slide in as DH?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question!

Sample lineup to use as an example:

1. 2B

2. SS

3. 1B

4. LF (DH in this spot, using the team's backup catcher)

5. CF

6. 3B

7. Catcher

8. RF

9. Pitcher

If the catcher is injured and unable to continue, the backup catcher ( who is the DH at the time,) can enter the game defensively. He has to remain in his original position, 4, in the batting order.

The player (or position) that had been DH'd for has to be replaced, as the catcher will now be entered into the game defensively as well.

In this case, the left field replacement would enter in the #8 spot in the order.

With the changes, there would no longer be a DH in the order.

Since he was a starter, the original catcher could re-enter one time.

The risk a team runs by using the backup catcher as the DH is that should the starting catcher be unable to continue, such as injured or thrown out of the game, the team is suseptible to not having a catcher to use, should the backup suffer a similar fate.

MLB teams all have a player on their roster who can be their emergency catcher should the situation come up. At the high school level, I have always had a player who could serve the same purpose. Provides you with a little peace of mind, as well as flexibility. You just never know.

Yours in baseball,


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