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Can players advance if third baseman catches ball in foul territory and then momentum carries him out of base line?

by Mike

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Mike asked: While playing softball today this situation came up. A foul ball was caught in foul territory by the third baseman. Momentum carried him out of the fair play lines.(out of all bounds). There were men on base. Do they get to advance and if so, can they take 1 base or 2?

Rick answered: Great question!

The situation you have described is a dead ball situation, suspension of play.

The ball becomes dead immediately when a player leaves the field of play by stepping with both feet or by falling into a bench, dugout, stand, bleacher, or over any boundary or barrier such as a fence, rope, chalk line, or a pregame determined imaginary boundary line.

Award all runners one base, except when the caught ball is third out.

If the ball is caught in foul territory but the fielder remains on the field of play, the ball stays live until someone calls time out. Runners must tag and can advance on the catch at their own risk.

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