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Can a player use a bat that is not part of the equipment in the dugout at the beginning of the game ?

by David
(Burleigh )

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

David asked: Player in a game receives a bat from another player.

This other player is on a different team during, a game that has already begun.

This bat was not in the dugout at the start of the game. He then hits a homerun with the bat, then hands it back out of the dugout.

Is this legal?

Rick answered: David, thank you for your question.

There is no mention of that particular situation being illegal in the Federation, or Little League rule books.

Federation umpires check bats and helmets prior to the game to make sure the bats are legal; but there is nothing that says a bat cannot be used if it is not in the dugout at the beginning of a game.

It would make sense that if they are checking bats and helmets prior to the game, that they would not allow the use of a bat or helmet that was brought in after the start.

The logistics of tracking those sort of things would become cumbersome however.

If the bat in question was illegal in weight, material or in some other way described as illegal in the rule book, then there is a rule covering that in the books.

The umpire, or opposing coach could ask to see the bat in question, so it can be determined whether it meets legal standards.

There may actually be rules in individual leagues pertaining to this; but certainly none in the Federation or Little League rule books.

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