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Batter safe on caught line drive to first?

by Todd
(Indiana, PA)

Todd asked: What is the ruling that would award a batter first base on a caught line drive?

Situation: Runner on first and batter hits a soft line drive to first baseman.

Runner bumps into first baseman while returning to first safely.

First baseman makes the catch and umpire calls the runner out but awards the batter first base.

Rick answered: Todd, thank you for your question.

The only thing I can think of is if the plate umpire calls catcher interference with the batter.

That would be a delayed dead ball, and the batter would be awarded first base.

They called the runner out; but that would be negated by the interference call on the catcher. Runner should get second base.

If there were no interference on the catcher, then the batter should be out L-3.

The runner could also be out, if they determined he interfered with the 1B fielding the ball.

I know of no situation that would put the batter on first base, after lining out to the 1B, except catcher interference.

Yours in baseball,


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