The Ole Ball Game

batted ball

by Michael Shaw
(Muncie, Indiana USA)

Michael asked: Batted ball line drive strikes the pitching rubber but not the ground.

It lands in the stands between home and first base. Is this a: foul ball? Ground rule double? Home run?

Same question but ball lands in stands between 1st base and outfield wall.

Rick answered: Michael, thank you for your question.

A batted ball, not touched by a fielder, which hits the pitcher's rubber and rebounds into foul territory, between home and first, or between home and third base, is a foul ball.

The same scenario, except that the ball rebounds into the stands having passed first base in fair territory, then exits the field into the stands between first base and the outfield wall, is fair, and ruled a ground rule double.

Yours in baseball,


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Spalding, Old Time Bat Display

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