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bases loaded with one out and the batter strikes out. runner on first base runs to pitchers mound towards his dugout assuming 3rd out. should he be called out?

by william

Target Field, Home Of The Minnesota Twins

Target Field, Home Of The Minnesota Twins

William asked: Bases loaded with one out.

Batter strikes out and runner on first heads to dugout reaching pitchers mound before going back, untagged.

Should he be out for leaving the path?

Rick answered: William, thank you for your question.

Rule 7.08 Any runner is out when.... (c) he is tagged, when the ball is alive, while off his base.

There is a rule provision whereby a runner can be called out for "abandoning his efforts to run the bases".

Generally that rule comes up at first base, when a batter-runner over runs first base, and for whatever reason leaves the field headed for the dugout. Umpires can ring them up and sometimes do.

Your situation as described would be a case of losing track of the outs, and walking or running off.

The ball remains live on the strike out, so the defensive team has the opportunity to make a play on the runner, before he can retouch first base.

Since they did not do that, their opportunity was lost, runner would return safe, bases loaded and two outs.

Yours in baseball,


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