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Anonymous asked: My grandson was wearing a helmet designed to withstand 80 mph pitch, was hit on side of head with pitched ball and now has a concussion.

My question is does the helmet have to be replaced now that it has been struck with a fast pitched ball?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

For everyone's peace of mind, I would suggest you replace the helmet.

There are places which recertify helmets, more often than not they deal mostly in football helmets.

Hairline cracks can be hard to locate. While rated to 80 MPH, the helmet may have done the job it was intended to do, even with the resulting concussion.

Age of the helmet would be another factor.

Top quality helmets are quite pricey; but the peace of mind a new helmet could bring to all concerned would be worth it.

It is too bad that your grandson had that experience. It is always everyone's fear that plays. A new and different model helmet may provide him with some assurances as he moves forward. Restoring his confidence can take some time and patience.

Yours in baseball,


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