The Ole Ball Game

Back of the Cage, Gentlemen --- Always Back of the Cage!

by Julian Deaton, Jr.
(Hueysville, KY USA)

Jilian submitted:In all baseball skill drills visualization prior to execution is critical. Being a small college NAIA coach I find myself constantly reminding my players to visualize various facets of the game as different situations arise. I use this quotation very often during our hitting practice, as well as, in-game competition. Our players are taught to attack the pitched baseball under bodily control --- swing hard; hit the ball hard --- always in contol or 'within yourself'. We use the batting cage often, both in-doors and outdoors. During cage instruction the players are required to work on their swings utilizing only the back end of the batting cage as a focal point for successful hits. They are encouraged to take their normal cuts at the ball --- striking it hard and solid and visualizing the ball's flight as it leaves the bat. It is my belief that if one can consistently hit the ball hard/solid toward the back of the cage one will benefit in: 1.Quality At-Bats; 2. Batting Average; 3. RBI's; 4. Power Strokes; and 5. Runs Scored. Once this quote is learned through practice it then becomes habit and at that time "BACK OF THE CAGE, GENTLEMEN no longer refers to Location --- it now refers to Philosophy.

Rick commented: Julian, thank you for sharing your quote. A great philosophy indeed! I can see where it would carry over from practice to the game.

One of the unique things about baseball, and baseball coaches is their willingness to share and talk about the game.

Valuable tool.

Yours in baseball,


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