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Are players permitted to keep their uniforms,bats,etc.when they leave their teams ?

by Barbara
(Ft laud fla.)

Under Armour cleats

Under Armour cleats

Barbara asked: Player uniforms. Personal property or league property?

Are players permitted to keep their uniforms, bats, etc., when they leave their teams?

Rick answered: Barbara, thank you for your question.

Professional baseball players generally have their agents negotiate a equipment deal, from the company they most like, or the one which will provide them the best deal, and are not exclusive to all their gear, as companies don't always provide all the items a player may want or need.

In the image above, you can see the players shoes are Under Armour, so he is undoubtedly under contract with them for at least a shoe deal.

It would be for all types of shoes the player would need to do his job, plus replacements should something happen to a pair presently in use.

I would assume all players under contract in Professional Baseball have clothing and equipment deals through their agents. Companies like to get them signed up early on, thus having the opportunity to cash in on a players star potential, should their career take them in that direction.

Team uniforms are the property of the franchise they play for at the time, thus would remain with that organization when the player leaves. I don't know if those uniforms are negotiated by individual franchises, American and National Leagues, or MLB across the board.

Items such as cleats, turfs, sleeves, workout gear, gloves, elbow pads and ankle guards, wrist bands, batting gloves, sun glasses, bats, all fall into the players deal with the providing company, thus would be items the players take with them wherever they go. There are probably additional items that fall in here also, just not aware of what they might be.

As you can see in the images above, the supplier varies from player to player, company to company.

Yours in baseball,


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Aug 20, 2015
It can also be up to the player.
by: Jim (Phoenix, AZ)

The few players I've been lucky enough to talk with have been able to keep their uniform when they had to go to another team. From what I understood, how much non-personal, team supplied, usually personalized stuff the player is able to take with them can be negotiated and made part of their contract. Even then, depending on how well the player did for the team and how amicable the parting was can also determine what is or is not taken. Basically, it can be an individual thing.

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