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Are more outs recorded at first base than any other position on a baseball field?

by Emil

Out At First

Out At First

Emil asked: First base is a critical spot for recording outs, many of those outs depend on the first-baseman picking one-hop throws.

I was wondering how many 'picks' the average major league first baseman made in a season, and if more outs are recorded at first base than any other position?

Rick answered: Emil, thank you for your question.

I don't know if MLB keeps track of picks at 1B. I would guess that they keep only putouts, assists and errors.

Individual teams may keep the number of picks a first baseman has, for their own evaluations.

I believe that more outs are recorded at first base, than any other.

You might check, it is a super source of baseball statistical data, from way back to present.

If you enjoy the statistical end of the game, you will love Baseball Reference.

Yours in baseball,


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