The Ole Ball Game

Answer to anxiety.

by Lou Lomonao
(Bronx, New York)

Three of Mr. Dorfmans Four Books

Three of Mr. Dorfmans Four Books

Lou wrote: Thank you Rick for suggesting "The Mental Game of Baseball" by H. A. Dorfman and Karl Kuehl.

I previously sent a question regarding anxiety before a baseball game as a coach and parent.

Your response and my reading this book absolutely helped me. There is still things to work on but I am so glad to have read it and will use it as a study guide.

This book is not just about baseball but rather everyday life. I am a high school guidance counselor and coach. I can use the materials in this book to help students achieve success.

I say this with sincerity. I highly recommend this read to all who follow your site.

I attended a college lecture with students today. One of the speakers said that we learn till our last breath. As an educator, I am always learning and certainly did with this wonderful book. Thank you Rick.


Rick responded: Lou, thank you for your note. I am glad that the book has been a positive resource for you.

When I first learned of Mr. Dorfman, in 1993, I had been teaching and coaching for 20 years.

I purchased The Mental Game Of Baseball and knew in the first chapter, it was going to be a game changer for me, and it has.

Since 1993, I have purchased his other 3 books, The Mental ABC's of Pitching, The Mental Keys To Hitting and, Coaching The Mental Game.

Lou, you are correct, the book is not just pertinent to baseball; but truly life itself.

Learning within the game, and life, certainly never ends.

The link below will take you to the tribute to Mr.Dorfman on the site, if readers would like to find out more about him and his work with Roy Halladay.

Should you have an interest in any or all of Mr.
Dorfman's books, they are available at Amazon Books. They may still be available in book stores as well; but hard to locate there, at least here in Tucson.

Tribute To Harvey Dorfman

Lou, thank you again for your feedback and positive comments.

I have found that committing yourself to the mental game of baseball, whether you are a player or a coach, is a game changer for teams as well as individuals.

Yours in baseball,


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