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An intentional base on balls must be asked for before a pitch is made?

by Joshua

Joshua asked: Must an intentional base on ball be requested by the defense before the first pitch of that at bat?

Rick answered: Joshua, thank you for your question.

The rule pertaining to your question is Rule 2-Section 4...Ball, Base on balls, Intentional Base On Balls...Art 3...An intentional base on balls may be given by the defensive team by having it's catcher request the umpire to award the batter first base. This may be done before pitching to the batter, or on any ball and strike count.

The ball shall be declared dead before making the award.

Defenses can choose to pitch to a batter, in the hopes they can entice him into swinging at a pitch out of the strike zone. If he doesn't bite, they can, at any point ask to put the batter on.

Yours in baseball,


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