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A sacrifice or not?

Anonymous asked: I was wondering, if you have a base runner on 2nd base with no outs.

The batter bunts the ball to advance the runner. The runner at 2nd easily advances to 3rd base but the pitcher struggles to pick up the ball and has no play at first to get the batter out.

Now for my question. The batter did his job by sacrificing; but the pitcher has a error. In the books does the batter get a sacrifice or does the batter get a 0-1 with a error?

I do not know the correct ruling but I would sure hope he would get a sacrifice.

Rick answered: Thank you for your question!

The rule covering this situation is Sec 3 Player's Batting Record, Art 4...A sacrifice is credited to the batter when, with not more than 1 out, his bunt enables a runner to advance or his fly ball enables a runner to score; but which in either case, results in the batter-runner being out before he reaches first, or would have resulted in his put out if his bunt or batted ball had been fielded without error.

Your hopes are realized, sacrifice it is.

Yours in baseball,


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