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2 ump team 60/90 field what's the call

by gary
(apex NC)

Home plate umpire covering third base.

Home plate umpire covering third base.

Gary asked: Runner on 3rd 2outs, batter hits a grounder to the infield, infield throws to 1st.

Field ump is 10ft away from 1st base and called the batter out, the other team protests and says he pulled his foot off.

The plate ump talks to the field ump and then calls the runner safe at 1st.

Was the plate umps duties not to see that the runner on 3rd touched the plate, and not be looking 90ft down to 1st?

Based on his angle to 1st base he couldn't see if his foot was off or hear the ball contact the glove.

Rick answered: Gary, thank you for your question.

I don't currently have an image with an umpire set up for this situation.

With a runner on third, the base umpire should have been in the middle of the infield, with the responsibility for a play at first base on a batted ball, or a pick attempt at third base, should one occur, and or a balk.

Once the batter puts the ball in play, the base umpire has first base, and you are correct, the plate umpire is responsible for making sure the runner from third touches home plate.

Initially, it sounds like they were where they needed to be and the base ump made his call, out.

Inning over. Coach comes out. He should be protesting to the base ump. If he went directly to the plate ump, the plate ump should have referred him to his partner.

Since it was the base umps call, he has the option to ask for help from the plate ump; but he isn't required to.

If not asked, the plate ump should have kept his distance.

Depending on how the umpire's exchange came about, if the base ump did ask the plate ump if he got a good look at the play and was the 1B's foot off, he can reverse his call based on that info.

Most umpires will ask the other umpire if a coach asks him to; but he does not have to.

Once he does, then he is bound to what his partner says.

It is easy enough to be somewhat out of position and not be able to see something happen.

Sounds like this one may have gotten somewhat heated. Did the call eventually have an impact on the outcome of the game?

Yours in baseball,


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