The Ole Ball Game

11 year old son playing for the first time

by Mike

Mike Asked:

Our son is a late bloomer in finding what interests him. He has played soccer in the past, ran track and also a red belt in taekwondo. Over the past year his interest in baseball grew extremely and has decided he wants to play in the local summer league this summer. So we are being supportive and we signed him up. We realize he is probably way behind most others that will be playing. How do we begin to get him going, since this is new for him?? We pray it is not too late for him in trying this out now. Appreciate any help you can give us.

Rick Answered: Mike,thank you for your question!
It certainly is not too late. If he has the interest, he should go with it.

Sounds like he is athletic and has a background in sports, just none in baseball as yet.

Baseball is an easy game to play; a hard game to master. At eleven he may be behind most of the players, but can soon catch up.

I would start with throwing and receiving. It is the basis for all he will be doing. A good fundamental base of throwing and receiving mechanics, then play a lot of catch to develop those mechanics.

It would be the same for hitting. Use a batting tee to develop hitting progressions, moving up to soft toss and short toss, eventually live batting practice.

It is hard to say exactly where to start without seeing him throw, catch and hit. Within the site there are pages on all three, from the rookie or basic level to advanced. His age alone may take him through the rookie stage quickly, and he can settle in on the advanced. Baseball is a game of repetition, doing each skill over and over the correct way. Your mind will learn what you teach it, whether it be right or wrong.

Links to the above pages:
Rookie Progressions
Advanced Progressions
Receiving Rookie
Receiving Advanced
Rookie Throwing
Throwing Advanced

Depending on where you live, there may be individual instruction available. That may be a way to get a jump start on the summer. Where I live there are numerous coaches who offer individual instruction, myself included. There may also be local indoor batting cages that offer numerous services. We have three here in Tucson.

It may seem like a lot of steps, but they are easily picked up and drilled. It just takes time and patience.

Good luck as you move forward. This will be fun for him, as well as you and your wife. Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Yours in baseball,


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