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What is it called?

by Bill
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA)

Bill asked: What is it called when a batter strikes out but the catcher drops the ball.

The batter then runs to first. The catcher over throws the first baseman.

Then because of several throwing errors the runner scores.

No other batter has yet to bat. Happened in an under 12 game.

Rick answered: Bill, thank you for your question.

That must have been quite an event.

When the batter strikes out, and the catcher drops the ball, one of two things can happen.

1. Catcher picks up the ball, throws to first where the first baseman catches the throw, batter is then out, or he is able to tag the batter with the ball, which is then an out:Or 2) Catcher picks up the ball, throws it over the first baseman's head, runner is safe (that is what you had happen)At that point there is an error on the catcher. It was also an error on the catcher, when he dropped the third strike, and allowed the batter to reach first base.

Each additional over throw is it's own error, and eventually the batter-runner scores.

The run is credited to the team at bat, the batter-runner gets credited in the box score with a run scored. Becomes an unearned run for the pitcher.

A nightmare for the official scorer.

Yours in baseball,


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Apr 13, 2018
yes it's an assist for catcher NEW
by: Carl Moore

And I forgot to allow comments on my last previous remark

Apr 13, 2018
dropped 3rd strike NEW
by: Carl Moore

The catcher overthrowing 1st base would be error. However, dropping the 3rd strike (with 1st base open and/or 2 out at time of pitch) would, if the batter is safe at 1st, be a wild pitch or passed ball, which is a misplay but is excluded from the rules' definition of error. Notice that the pitcher and catcher handle the ball much more than is done by other fielders. Even if the batter is safe on dropped 3rd strike, the pitcher gets a strikeout.

Jan 11, 2017

by: Rick, theoleballgame

The out recorded in the book would include a 2-3, to indicate how the play finished out.

Jan 10, 2017
Dropped 3rd Strike
by: Anonymous

Is the catcher also credited with an assist if he successfully throws out the batter/runner. The pitcher is credited with a strikeout.

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