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Infield fly rule

by Joe
(Wayne, NJ)

Joe asked: First and second, one out, pop up along third base line.

Umpire calls infield fly rule, third baseman loses it in the sun, ball lands fair and rolls foul.

Is batter out?

Rick answered: Joe, thank you for your question.

With runners on first and second, or bases loaded, less than two outs, when a pop fly goes up anywhere in the infield area, the infield fly rule comes into play.

The umpire should have called out, "infield fly, batter is out, if fair."

The ball was fair when it hit the ground in fair territory; but became a foul ball when it rolled into foul territory, not having been touched by a defensive player.

Foul ball, runners return to their base, batter returns to hit, with one additional strike added, unless he already had 2.

Umpires are supposed to make the call above; but it doesn't always get done. It still is the rule, called or not.

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Apr 13, 2016
fair or foul
by: Anonymous

You didn't say if the ball was in front of 3rd or behind.If behind 3rd the ball is still fair even if it rolled foul

Apr 13, 2016
Why does this "rule" exist?
by: Jim (Phoenix, AZ)

I've heard of this rule, but never knew what it meant. So, if the ball landed fair and stayed fair, the batter would be out? Even if no one touched the ball? What is the history and logic behind the creation of this rule? And why is it still around? And how is this different than a "pop up"?
This rule seems to give the defensive team a very unfair advantage. Why not just give the team up to bat an automatic "one out"?

Apr 13, 2016
I've never heard that.
by: Anonymous

I've certainly heard, "Infield fly, batter is out", but I've never heard the added if fair. I wonder if this has been shortened by umpires? It makes sense, though.

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