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Glove Removed From Hand With Ball Secure

by Randy

Randy asked: If in an attempt to catch a line drive a player's glove is ripped off and falls to the ground, with the ball still secure in the glove is it a legal catch?

Rick answered: Randy, thank you for your question.

Section 9 Catch, Catcher, Catcher's box...Art 1....A catch is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession in his hand or glove of a live ball in flight and firmly holding it, provided he does not use his cap, protector mask, pocket or other part of his uniform to trap the ball.

The catch of a fly ball by a fielder is not completed until the continuing action of the catch is completed.

A fielder who catches a ball and then runs into a wall or another player and drops the ball has not made a catch.

In your scenario, it would not be a catch, as the fielder lost control of the ball, when he lost his glove.

Had the glove come off and the fielder had caught the glove, with the ball in it, prior to it hitting the ground, it would be a catch.

Official scorers will normally award the batter with a hit, due to the velocity generated.

It is all based on the fielder being in control.

Yours in baseball,


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