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First Third Throw Through ~ Shut Em Down With Confidence!

First third throw through play is designed to provide an overall look at the various player responsibilities required in these situations.

Within the pages there are situational tips to help your double steal defense run smoothly.

In this play, the defense is committed to getting the out at 2B, there is no cutoff or fake, just straight to 2B.


throw through

  • P: Deliver pitch.

  • C: Look at 3B runner to freeze him, as you throw to 2B.

  • 1B: Hold runner on

  • 2B: Cover base or backup base, dependent upon right or left hand hitter.

  • SS: Cover base or backup base, dependent upon right or left hand hitter.

  • 3B: Cover 3B.

  • LF: Backup 3B.

  • CF: Backup 2B.

  • RF: Backup 1B.

Double Steal Tips ~ From the Dugout

double steal tips ~ from the dugout

  • If the runner from 3B is too far down the line, or already running before the catcher looks, the 3B should throw his hands up in the air and yell so that the catcher can throw to third immediately.

Without Challenge There Is No Achievement

Double Steal Diagrams

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