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batter makes contact with a batted ball in foul territory what's the call

Anonymous asked: Batter makes contact with a batted ball in foul territory, what's the call?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

Rule 8-4 Runner is Out Art 2...Batter-runner is out when he;

k. is contacted by a fair batted ball before it touches an infielder, or after it passes any infielder, except the pitcher, and the umpire is convinced that another infielder has a play.

The ruling for the situation you described would be, foul ball.

Even if the umpire hasn't called the ball foul, if the batter-runner touches the ball in foul territory, it would be the same as a defensive player touching it.

Most common occurrence is a slow roller, or bunted ball up along either baseline. Defensively, players are taught to let it roll and hope it rolls foul, if they feel there is no play on a runner.

As soon as it crosses the foul line, they need to touch it, thus making it a foul ball. If it is allowed to roll further and hits something causing it to come back into fair territory, either then being touched or the ball comes to a stop, it would be fair.

From your description, for a batter to come in contact with a ball in foul territory, it would most likely be on a ball as described above.

The only other possibility would be a ball hit, or bunted which hits the ground foul and comes up and hits the batter-runner before he gets out of the box.

Essentially, any player, defensive or offensive comes in contact with a foul ball, the ball is foul.

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Jun 04, 2017
Batter touches live foul ball
by: Anonymous

I was taught that if a batter touches a foul ball tjat is still live because it could come back fair, then the batter is out. Is this not right and where is it found in rule book? Thanks

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