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batter has count of three balls and two strikes. he runs to first base thinking it was ball four. should umpire call batter back and complete batting.

by george
(indianapolis indiana usa)

Lost Count?

Lost Count?

George asked: Bases were loaded and batter thought his count was 4balls so he runs to first base.

The other runners advance.

In the confusion, ball gets thrown around and runner going home gets thrown out, when in fact the batter only had 3 balls.

Rick answered: George, thank you for your question.

The umpire, or umpires, should call the batter back. Easiest way is for the home plate umpire to just call time out, bring the batter back, at the same time explaining why.

For this situation to go as far as it did, one or both umpires must have lost the count. It is still correctable, even after it has all played out, if one of the coaches asks for a check on the count, or one of the scorekeepers.

The home team scorebook is the official book, unless your league provides an official scorer at the site.

It may be as simple as the plate umpire asking the base umpire what he has for a count, or just checking with the official book.

It is only too late if the situation is allowed to go to where the next hitter steps in and a pitch is recorded. In that case, the situation remains as called.

I would guess this one became a little exciting at the time.

Yours in baseball,


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Jun 15, 2016
Runner to second
by: Rick, theole ballgame

Anonymous: Unless time was called, the ball is still live.

The umpire's are correct to bring the batter back, to finish his at bat.

The runner from first can attempt to advance to second base, at his own risk.

It is the defense's responsibility to know the situation, how many outs there are, and the count.

They had the opportunity to throw out the runner from first, as the ball was live.

Yours in baseball,


May 30, 2016
Advance runners ?
by: Anonymous

This happened to me but we did not lose the count the batter just took off thinking it was ball four. The first baseman ran to second and was allowed to stay on second, based on advice from a more senior ump and the batter was returned to complete batting. The more senior ump I feel was wrong and all should have been returned prior to the batters error. Any other thoughts?

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